Family Paks

Dinner by Focaccia, now being served by you!


Focaccia offers a way to have your Focaccia favorites for dinner on your time - whether you're with family or entertaining guests.

What's a Family Pak? We supply you with the sauce of your choosing, the coordinating uncooked pasta, fresh rosemary rolls and garnish! Add candles, a little mood music, maybe some wine. All you do is boil and toss. What could be simpler? If you like, we can add a salad and even dessert.

Any of our in-house sauces are available if you call in the morning. Occasionally we will even have sauces available from our catering specialties menu. A limited number of Family Paks are available each day, so don't hesitate to call us, even several days ahead, to put in your order.

With dinner by Focaccia, It's all in the bag!